Sean Trudeau

Head DJ /Master of Ceremonies

  • Founder
  • Started DJing in 1997 as a radio station Disc Jockey – Program Director of WHCM
  • Began DJing Weddings in 1999
  • Married Holly, 2011… 3 kids, Wyatt, Quinn, and Fiona

Always a music lover I started DJing back in 1997 in College. I was a radio station DJ and also a club style DJ for house parties.. Sensing my knack for entertainment I friend of mine who worked in the wedding industry invited me to work with him. So in 1999 I started work for Spinning Discs where I learned the craft of Wedding DJing. I joined up with rival Show on the Road in 2001 and stayed with them until they folded in 2009. In one last stop I worked for Something 2 Dance 2 in Schaumburg. Fortunately I was lucky enough to work for 3 of Chicago's top DJ companies in their heydays. we decided to take the best facets of each company and start a DJ company that not only provides excellent service but takes care of both customers and employees alike. I now live in Crystal Lake, with my wife and 3 kids( 2 boys age 3 and 6, and my baby daughter soon to turn 1 year old on March 21st)...